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Old Testament Studies is an exciting discipline in the field of Theology. The Old Testament or Tenach is a shared document of the Jewish and Christian faith traditions that provides challenging and contrasting voices of life related experiences. These experiences range between the extremes of joy and pain, certainty and uncertainty, faith and disbelief, and light and darkness. In studying the Hebrew texts of this book it becomes evident how the wisdom and insights of ancient times still influence modern and postmodern societies. This book not only had an influence on the formation and reception history of the New Testament, but through the ages the Old Testament was influential in post-biblical societies. This pertains to inter alia law, poetry, music, literature, art, history, anthropology, politics, sociology, and many more. To study aspects of these texts therefore secure life changing moments in the world of its students.

Old Testament Studies at the University of Pretoria has a notable history. For almost 100 years people who were responsible for this subject have contributed to the formation of fresh insights and knowledge. The interpretation and reinterpretation of this book in new contexts and time periods thus remain a challenging experience… and continue.

Any person who is interested in ancient studies or in the ancient world should consider studying aspects of the Old Testament. Both pastors and future academics, but also lay people and interested readers should take on this challenge to enroll for an Old Testament course of their choice.

I wish you a wonderful journey on this study tour!

Dirk J Human




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