Research Projects

The Parables of Jesus 

Prof Ernest van Eck

Reading the parables as symbols of social transformation in order to establish a post-modern ethics based on the values found in the parables of the historical Jesus.  

Healing in the New Testament 

Prof Zoro Dube

To explore African models that help in exploring ideas of health and healing in the New Testament. 

Studying ancient identities and identity formation 

Dr Hanré Janse van Rensburg 

The focus here is on both identity and intersectional identity formation, with a special emphasis on gender, religious identity, nationality, and the stratification of ancient societies (i.e. class and occupation-based identities).

Embodiment as religious expression 

Dr Hanré Janse van Rensburg 

The body is a location of religious expression. In biblical and related texts, issues in which the body is inevitably bound up are never far away. In the study of this aspect, the aim is to increase understanding of the body as a significant site. Here the focus falls, more specifically, on the positive and negative experiences associated with embodiment.

A ritual/functional analysis of New Testament texts 

Dr Hanré Janse van Rensburg 

Worship and liturgical practices do not only reflect doctrinal and theological convictions, they also help develop, shape, and even create them. For this reason, the practice of liturgy and worship has been dubbed a ‘theological laboratory’. This ritual/functional method of analysis includes, but is not limited to, patterns of articulating emotions, their significance in worship and broadly understood religious experience, the role of emotions in strategies of persuasion, the vocabulary used to describe emotions and their manifestations, translating emotions discourse, as well as the social and cultural factors that influence their expression, suppression or repression, with a particular focus on the relationship between emotions and gender, and between emotions and the construction of otherness.

Sexuality in the New Testament 

Prof Ernest van Eck 

Interpreting the texts in the New Testament that refer to sexuality and homosexuality. 



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