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The UP Mobile App provides text-to-speech capabilities for visually challenged users. Users can also add favourites, change settings or customise the navigation experience for their profile. Secure single sign on is required for features where institutional systems or information will be accessed.

  • UP staff will be able to quickly access self-service functions like their leave and salary slips. News, events and social feeds are placed strategically for staff to view in a scrollable tile layout. Access to Tukkievaria editions is also now available via a single tile/icon. Password reset and parking disc management have also been made available for the first release.
  • UP students will be able to access clickUP, timetables and library services, and find information on what to study at the University as well as other important documentation and communications. Search the UP campus maps for buildings, lecture halls and entrances, points of access, residences and other key map information.
  • Alumni will be able to stay connected with UP Alumni services and benefits as provided via the alumni profile. The app provides access to information about giving to UP, benefits, alumni clubs, connecting with other alumni, events and other features.
  • Visitors will be able to use Google Maps to get to destinations on any UP campus via walkways and/or driveways, and find information on where to stay as well as places of interest. Quick access to campus information, institutes and centres, study information as well as places to eat are also available with the first release of the UP Mobile App.
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