Prof T. Maloka

Academic profile

Prof Tumo Maloka is a professor in the Department of Mercantile Law and holds the degrees BA LLB, LLM (UCT) LLD (UFH).

Academic and professional experience

Professor Maloka has taught and mentored students at the various universities in diverse fields of law since 1998. Quite apart from specialising in labour law, a field in which he has published extensively, his scholarly contributions also encompass the broad field of public law, corporate law and gendered harms. He is a co-author of a book project on Remedies in the Law of Unfair Dismissal. He also holds the titile of a 'visiting Associate Professor' in Labour Law at the National University of Lesotho.

Teaching activities

Labour Law and Collective Labour Law 802.

Areas of specialisation

Labour Law and Constitutional Law in the niche areas of recusal and costs award in public interest litigation.


Recent publications

  • TC Maloka &  S Muthugulu-Ugoda “The Deadlock Principle as a Ground for the Just and Equitable Winding-Up of  a Solvent Company: Thundercats Investments 92 (Pty) Ltd v Nkonjane  Prospecting Investment (Pty) Ltd 2014 5 SA 1 (SCA)”  2016 (19) PER/PELJ 1-22
  • TC Maloka & V Peach “Is an Agreement to Refer a Matter to an Inquiry by an Arbitrator in Terms of Section 188A of the LRA a Straightjacket?” 2016 De Jure 368-377

  • TC Maloka “Derivative Misconduct and Forms Thereof: Western Refinery Ltd v Hlebela 2015 36 ILJ 2280 (LAC)” 2016 (19) PER/PELJ 1-16

  • TC Maloka “The Turquand Rule, Irregular Appointments and Bypassing the Disciplinary Process” 2017 (29) SA Merc LJ 527-542

  • TC Maloka “Penetrating the Opacities of form: Unmasking the Real Employer Remains Labour Law’s Perennial Problem”  2018 (32) Speculum Juris 135-152

  • TC Maloka & C Okpaluba "Making Your Bed as an Independent Contractor but Refusing to Lie on It: Freelancer Opportunism” 2019 (31) SA Merc LJ  54-75 

  • TC Maloka “Interdicting an In-House Disciplinary Enquiry with Reference to Rabie v Department of Trade and Industry 2018 ZALCJHB 78” 2019 (44) JJS 10-28

  • TC Maloka “Biowatch  Shield, Costs Liability for Abuse Of Process and Crossfire Litigation” 2020 (41) Obiter 186-198

  • TC Maloka “Recent Developments Regarding Costs Awards in Constitutional and Public Interest Litigation” 2019 (34) SAPL 1-22

  • TC Maloka & N Jili “The Role of the Judiciary in Promoting Accountability, Responsiveness and Openness: Lessons from Life Esidimeni Arbitration and BlackSash/SASSA litigation” 2019 (54) JPA 105-116 

  • TC Maloka & MJ Mangammbi “The Complexities of Conditional Contract of Employment: SA Metal (Pty) Ltd v Holroyd (J2274/17) 2020 ZALCJHB 32 (05 February 2020)” 2020 (32) SA Merc LJ 295-307 

  • C Okpaluba & TC Maloka “The Breakdown of the Trust Relationship and Intolerability in the Context of Reinstatement in the Modern Law of Unfair Dismissal (Part 1)” 2021 35(1) Speculum Juris 71-86

  • C Okpaluba & TC Maloka “Recusal of a Judge in Adjudication: An Analysis of Contemporary Case Law from South Africa, Botswana and the USA” 2021 JCLA 67-93 

  • TC Maloka“A Critical Appraisal of Dismissals at the Behest of a Third Party: The Impact of the Constitutional Labour Rights” 2021 42(1) Obiter 105-125 

  • C Okpaluba & TC Maloka “Employee’s Incompatibility as a Ground for Dismissal in Contemporary  South African Law of Unfair  Dismissal: A Review of Zeda Car Leasing,  Mgijima and Watson” (2021)(2) SA Merc LJ 238-259 

  • TC Maloka &  C Okpaluba “The Dependent Contractor: A Missing Piece in the SITA Test and in the Definition of Employee in the LRA” 2021 (42) ILJ 97

  • TC Maloka “Jurisdictional Quandaries Triggered by a New Variant for Dismissal” 2022 (2) SA Merc LJ 106-122

  • C Okpaluba & TC Maloka “The Breakdown of Trust Relationship and Intolerability in the Context of Reinstatement in the Modern Law of Unfair Dismissal (Part 2)” 2022  (36) Speculum Juris 7

  • C Okpaluba & TC Maloka “The Fundamental Principles of Recusal of a Judge at Common Law: Recent Developments” 2022 Obiter 88-112 

  • TC Maloka & MR Matsheta “The Fly in the Ointment’ or Simply a ‘Born-Again Shop Steward’ Defending of Workers’ Rights to Fair Representation? – The Case of Msunduzi Municipality v Hoskins (2017) 38 ILJ 582 (LAC) Revisited” 2023 (26) PER/PELJ 1

  • TC Maloka & MR Matsheta “The Mantle of the Shop Steward is Not an Easy One to Wear:  NUMSA obo Motloba v Johnson Control Automotive SA (Pty) Ltd (2017) 38 ILJ 1626 (LAC) Revisited” Obiter 2023 Obiter 885-889


 Recent conference papers

  • TC Maloka 7th Annual International Mercantile Law UFS 2-4 November 2022 “Stopping Escape Artists Disappearing into the Sunset: South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho”
  • TC Maloka & Dr M Sefoka 7th  Annual International Mercantile Law UFS 2-4 November 2022 “Proving the Existence of Employment Relationship and Dismissal Through the Application of Statutory Indoor-Management Rule: Tsoaeli and Workerslife Management Services (Pty) Ltd (2020) 41 ILJ 2946 (CCMA)” 

  • TC Maloka Law and Criminal Justice Virtual Academic Conference UNIVEN: 28 October 2022 “Unmasking Spiteful Sexual Harassment Complainants: Maepe/Bandat/Tshivhase-Phendla Trilogy in Retrospect” Southern Africa Law teachers Conference UFH 11-4 July 2022 “Driver entrepreneurialism: LA Grande illusion?” 



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