Journal Articles
Banda MK, Herty M, Ngnotchouye J-MT  Coupling drift-flux models with unequal sonic speeds, Mathematical and Computational Applications,15(4)(2010), 574-584

Banda MK, Herty M, Ngnotchouye J-MT  Towards a mathematical analysis for drift-flux multiphase flow models in networks.  SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 31(6)(2010), 4633-4653

Ngnotchouye J-MT., Herty M, Veelken S, Banda MK  Relaxation approaches to the optimal control of the Euler equations, Computational and Applied Mathematics, 30(2)(2011), 399-425

Banda MK, Herty M  Towards a space-mapping approach to dynamic compressor optimization of gas networks. Optimal Control Applications and Methods, 32(3)(2011), 253-269

Banda MK, Herty M  Adjoint IMEX-schemes for control problems with conservation laws.  Computational Optimization and Applications, 51(2)(2012), 909-930

Banda MK, Herty M  Numerical discretization of stabilization problems with boundary controls for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws.  Mathematical Control and Related Fields (MCRF), 3(2)(2013), 121-142

Caluyna Pedro J, Banda MK, Sibanda P  On one-dimensional arbitrary high-order WENO schemes for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws.  Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2014, 10.1007/s40314-013-0066-y

Books and/or Chapters in Books
Banda MK, Seaïd M  Lattice Boltzmann simulation for shallow water flow applications.  In: Jin-hai Zheng (Ed.);Hydrodynamics-Theory and Model, InTech (2012), pp 255-286, DOI: 10.5772/25463, ISBN 979-953-307-405-3

Banda MK, Seaïd M  Discrete-Velocity models and Lattice Boltzmann methods for convection-radiation problems.  In:  Matthias Ehrhardt (ed.); Novel Trends in Lattice Boltzmann Methods.  Reactive Flow, Physicochemical Transport and Fluid-Structure-Interaction.  e-Book series Progress in Computational Physics (PiCP), Vol. 3, Bentham Science Publishers, 36 pages

Conference Proceedings
Veelken S, Herty M, Ngnotchouye J-MT, Banda MK  Optimal control of the Euler equations via relaxation approaches, In: C Wieners (Ed), Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), Karlsruhe 2010, Vol 10, pp 595-596, DOI: 10.1002/pamm.201010290

Moitsheki RJ, Banda MK  Heat transfer in a convective straight fin with temperature dependent thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient, Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3-4 August 2010, pp 388-392

Matebese B, Banda MK, Withey D  Application of the Leapfrog Method to Robot Path Planning, Proceedings of IEEE ICIA/ICAL, Hailar, China, 26-29 Jul, 2014, pp 710-715, ISBN: 978-1-4799-4101-8

Banda MK Herty M  Adjoint IMEX-based schemes for the numerical solution of optimal control problems governed by conservation laws.  To appear in Hyperbolic Problems XIII

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