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A Klaradyner, she is the reason a group of lions is called a PRIDE
— Klaradyn Ethos

HC 2018/2019

HC 2018/2019

Friendship gives us strength to turn from lambs into LIONS

—Stephen Richards

Welcome to Klaradyn


Since 1961 Klaradyn has been one of the best female residences at the University of Pretoria. Be assured that your stay in the Geel Kasteel will form part of your fondest memories, where friends will become your home away from home. Klaradyners are usually heard before we are seen as we are full of spirit, passion and PRIDE. Take a look at our residence here

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instagram = @klaradynres

facebook = Klaradyn El Simba


Our values are: Pride, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence



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A Capella 2018

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