Do your part – be cyber smart


Secure your macOS device

McAfee Computer Security has estimated that there are approximately 450 000 malicious programs aimed at macOS devices...Read more

Phishing attacks that impersonate Apple

Phishing is undoubtedly still the world’s most common cyber threat as an estimated three billion fraudulent emails are sent out every day to compromise sensitive information...Read more

Secure your mobile device

Criminals target smartphones that are constantly online sending and receiving signals. Here are some tips for protecting your smartphone from hackers and intruders...Read more

Secure your lost or stolen device

Few things are worse than losing your smartphone. In addition to the financial loss suffered, you also lose an abundance of personal information...Read more

Protect your devices

Cybercriminals thrive on smaller mobile connected devices. A smartphone can provide access to the same information as a big computer, and, on top of that...Read more

Emergency actions

An emergency is a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. There are different types of emergencies like natural disasters...Read more

Be alert

Your boss sent you an email asking for urgent help. Apparently, he is in a meeting and cannot be reached by phone. You feel flattered that he asked you for help. However, you are a bit unsure, is this real?...Read more

You are a target!

No one is safe from attack in cyberspace. Cybercriminals are continuously looking for opportunities to enrich themselves. They are not interested in who you are, but in what you have that they can exploit...Read more

Basic information to consider

How do you navigate safely through cyberspace? Start on solid ground with the basics of safe cyber behaviour...Read more

Passwords – your key to cybersecurity

How would you feel if your vehicle, home or office keys were lost or stolen? Do you use the same...Read more

Back up your data

We often think, ‘It won’t happen to me.’ Then, in a moment of being tired or under pressure, you click that link, and the unexpected message appears...Read more



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