Dr Franciso Ngongo

Dr Francisco Ngongo    FRANCISCO NGONGO

     MA in Human Rights (SOAS - University of London) 

     PhD in Peace Studies (University of Bradford)



Francisco Kapalu Ngongo is an Angolan who has lived different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latino America – first as a refugee, and then as a student and on international staff. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Human Economy program in 2013. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Francisco’s scholarly interests include political economy, democratisation, human rights, human development, party politics and political leadership. His current research focuses on Human Economy and Human development in Angola with some comparative study of the others Southern Africa states. He holds a PhD from the peace studies department of the School of Social and International Studies, University of Bradford, UK. His doctorate was especially praised for the fieldwork interviews that he conducted with wide variety of stakeholders in Angola, right across the political spectrum. He also divided both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in order to test his key hypotheses about political factors rather than economic factors influencing human development in Angola. In addition he concentrated on two key political variables – political parties and political leadership.

Francisco has particular skills in designing and conducting a research, networking, holding conferences and seminars. After his PhD graduation in December 2008, he was recruited at the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA) in Angola as a National Programme Officer for Population and Development. Then, from 2010 to 2012 he occupied the position of Programme Officer for Conflict Transformation and Democratization in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Burundi, DRC and Rwanda) at the Interchurches Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO), a Dutch based international organisation.

Francisco is the author of the book entitled “The Impasse of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Economic Growth vs. Governance” that came out in 2012 (view the author website and the Press release at http:/sbpra.com/franciscokapalongongo/).

Key publications include:

Post-War Reconstruction: Universal Human Rights and Democratization in Angola (2004): Paper presented at the UNU/Winder Conference on Making Peace Work Helsinki, 4-6 June, 2004.

The Impact of Scholarship on Economic Development (2009): Journal de Angola.

Healing our Wounds (2002): Report of Angolan group session at the International Peace building Conference – Caux/Switzerland.


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