Dr Booker Magure


   Msc (University of Zimbabwe)

    PhD (Rhodes University)


Booker joined the Human Economy Programme in October 2012 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He can be contacted on [email protected].

Magure’s current research focuses on black economic empowerment and money politics in Zimbabwe and South Africa and the role of spirit mediums in contesting the dominant structures of power and authority in emerging democracies. In his doctoral study, Booker examined civil society’s quest for democracy in Zimbabwe: its origins, impediments encountered and prospects. During his time with the Human Economy programme, Booker will expand his research on democratisation through the analysis of corrupt political party funding in both Zimbabwe and South Africa in a neoliberal era. Magure is building a case that political corruption in both countries is working against the concrete ideals that inform democracy e.g. transparency and the rule of law.  Booker also intends to critically examine the political economy of illegal gold mining in South Africa and its relationship to violence, witchcraft, sorcery, ethnicity, migration and transnational marriages.


Booker’s recent publications include:

2014 (forthcoming). Land, Indigenisation and Empowerment: Narratives that Made a Difference in Zimbabwe’s 2013 Elections. Journal of African Elections.

2014 (forthcoming). Interpreting Urban Informality in Chegutu, Zimbabwe. Journal of Asian and African Studies.

The Politics of Party Funding in Zimbabwe and South Africa in a Neoliberal era. ‘Economy for and against Democracy’. Edited by Keith Hart and Sharp, John. Berghahn, Human Economy Series no. 2.

2014 (forthcoming). Review of Erin McCandless’s Polarization and Transformation in Zimbabwe: Social Movements, Strategy Dilemmas and Change. Journal of Contemporary African Studies.

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