PGA Diploma

The PGA Diploma allows graduates international accreditation with the PGA of SA being affiliated to the PGA’s of Europe and is recognised in over 40 countries.  This is a major advantage to any graduate seeking international employment opportunities.
Within the programme, students are exposed to a variety of theoretical as well as practical situations that they will be exposed to in the professional golfing Industry.
The application of rigorous practical hours (including coaching) ensures that our graduates enter the industry with a competitive advantage over graduates from other institutions.
TuksGolf PGA Diploma is accredited by the Institute of Sport and Cathsseta, this means that students gain academic credits for the subjects and can use these credits to study further if they so wish.   
PGA Diploma Qualification
Best Coaching Team in the Country
Top Class Training Facility
Strength & Fitness Specialist                          
Tournament Golf
Psychology Team
In conjunction with the standard PGA programme, we have altered the programme to accommodate athletes who would like to or are playing on the IGT tour. This programme is ideal for scholars wanting to maximise both their golf development and excel academically. 
If your dream is to be in the golfing world, this is the course for you! 

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