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This is holistic programme for amateur golfers aspiring to be professionals. In line with the long term athlete development programme, this programme is offered in various phases of an individual’s development to best suit their goals and abilities. 
Surround yourself with a team of specialists that are devoted to developing you as a high-performance athlete and guiding you along your path to becoming the best golf athlete you can be. Through this programme, the athlete will have access to world-class facilities and golf specialists.
The programme is designed to assist athletes in building a high-performance foundation measured against international standards. 
Compulsory programme components:
• Professional golf coaching and training
• Golf psychology
• Golf strength and conditioning (Titleist Performance Institute)
All TuksGolf staff are internationally certified in their various fields of expertise and are arguably industry leaders in those fields. 
Through these resources, this programme ensures that the athlete has every chance of reaching their full potential.
This is a unique and exciting programme designed with a complete focus on transforming players into high-performance athletes.

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