The Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EDC) and Toxicology Unit 

The EDC unit will provide the following bioassays:

Estrogenic activity assessment

  • Recombinant yeast estrogen screen (YES)*
  • T47D-KBluc reporter gene screen*

Androgenic activity assessment
  • MDA-kb2 reporter gene screen**

*These assays are recommended by the Global Water Research Coalition and the South African Water Research Commission as part of the toolbox of assays for the determination of estrogenic activity. 

** This assay is recommended for the analysis of specific chemicals or groups of chemicals. Not suitable for environmental samples.


The Reproductive Toxicology Laboratory will provide the following

Research in reproductive health through good science

  • Animal reproductive toxicity studies in the laboratory and the field
  • Human epidemiology studies in rural and urban areas 

These laboratories are used as a training facility for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Urology and the SHSPH.

The laboratory will provide training for students at the SHSPH registered for the research programmes in occupational and environmental health .

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