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Enterprise Engineering could be defined as the body of knowledge, principles, and practices to design, align and govern the evolution of the enterprise.

Enterprise Engineering Research Group

An enterprise originates when man and machine are organised to pursue some common goal. In spite of this organisation around a common goal, enterprises often evolve in an ad-hoc way, resulting in incoherent/inconsistent design. Enterprise engineering (EE) is emerging as a new discipline to address the design of the enterprise in a coherent and holistic way. 

More research is required on:

1. Designing/adapting/evaluating approaches to deal with enterprise complexity within a dynamic environment and disruptive technologies.

2. Designing/using/evaluating different architecture description languages to demarcate and describe different enterprise design domains.

3. Defining/aligning/measuring enterprise concerns/requirements.

4. Eliciting/evaluating design principles to govern enterprise design.

And more...

Honours courses, Masters and PhD studies are offered within two departments:

Industrial Engineering (see Contact Hanli Helm ([email protected] +27 12 420 5230) for more details on entry requirements).

Informatics (see Contact Marie Muller ([email protected] +27 12 420 3322) for more details on entry requirements).


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