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Colloquium on 'Digital Finance in Africa's Future: Innovations and Implications'

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There are many exciting developments across the African continent in the field of digital finance. African
and Africa‐based innovators are at the cutting edge in this field, opening up a range of financial services
intended to assist the continent’s inhabitants to overcome the infrastructural backlogs inherited from the

The conference on ‘Digital Finance in Africa’s future’ has two complementary aims: The first is to bring some of the foremost African and Africa‐based innovators in this field together, in order to highlight the obstacles they have overcome, the successes they have achieved to date and their plans for the future. This aim, in short, is to showcase the extent and sophistication of innovation in the African continent in the broad field of digital finance.

The second aim is to bring these innovators into conversation with academics with a special interest in the
social, political and economic implications of the innovations in question. Most innovators are aware that
the fact that innovations are technologically feasible does not guarantee that they will be socially
beneficial. But they may not have the expertise to consider the wider implications of their technological
prowess. Providing them with an opportunity to interact with academics who have undertaken research on
these implications in various parts of the world is likely to be a useful exercise for all concerned – the
academics, who need to understand the technological complexity involved, as well as the innovators.


Venue: The Colloquium will be held at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) which provides an ideal environment for a stimulating and intimate conversation on these issues.


Participation: The conference will be open to the interested public via live streaming. For further details and to sign up as a 'virtual participant', please visit


Publication: Media coverage of the event will be organised, and the conference will lead to a publication in the form of an edited collection of a selection of the papers delivered.




Draft Programme

Monday, 22 October

Opening address delivered by Trevor Manuel (former Minister of Finance of South Africa)

Panel discussion: Nnamdi Oranye (Founder Disrupting Africa/ fin‐tech author) and Stephen Mwaura Nduati (Central Bank of Kenya/ fin‐tech consultant).

Chair: Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of Johannesburg


Tuesday, 23 October

Session 1 - Mobile Money and Digital Payments

Presenters: Dare Okoudjou (CEO MFS Africa), Elias Sikazwe (Snapscan), Mesfin Fikre Woldmariam (University of Addis Ababa)


Session 2 - Regulation

Presenters: Stephen Mwaura Nduati (fintech consultant), Olufunmilayo Arewa (Temple University)


Wednesday, 24 October

Session 3 - Agent Networks

Presenters: Valentine Obi (CEO eTranzact), Sean Maliehe (University of Pretoria)


Session 4 - Remittances

Presenters: Nnamdi Oranye (Disrupting Africa), Sibel Kusimba (American University)


Thursday, 25 October

Session 5 - G2P Payments

Presenters: Herman Singh (Chief Digital Officer, MTN), Solène Morvant‐Roux (University of Geneva(, Lena Gronbach (University of Pretoria)


Session 6 - Insurance

Presenter: Jeremy Leach (CEO Inclusivity Solutions)


Session 7 - Start-up Capital

Presenter: Sechaba Ngwenya (CEO Creditable)


Friday, 26 October

Session 8 - The Blockchain

Presenters: Gerhard van Deventer (South African Reserve Bank), Ross McEwan (Wala / Dala Foundation), John Sharp (University of Pretoria)

- Author Lena Gronbach
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