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The Group Head, Prof Ian Craig, supervises the following students for 2017:

PhD students

  • John Burchell (Lonmin): (TBC)
  • Kobus Oosthuizen (Mintek): (TBC)
  • Henning Viljoen (ORYX GTL): (TBC)

Masters students

  • Stefan Botha (SASOL): Hybrid control of a grinding mill circuit
  • Ralf Kusel (SASOL): Modelling the transmission of mycobacterium tuberculosis for control purposes
  • Duayne Strydom (UP): (TBC)
  • Arno Scheepers (UP): (TBC)
  • Marius de Beer (Probtosol): (TBC)

International visits by students:

The map below shows the countries visited by our students for conferences and postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate studies abroad:

  • John Burchell attended the MIDICON course in England and Finland in April and August (2017) respectively.
  • Derik le Roux visited Prof A. Kugi at the Technische Universitaet Wien in Austria (Jan-April 2015), and Prof S. Skogestad at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway (May-June 2015).
  • Laurentz Olivier visited Prof B. Huang at the University of Alberta in Canada (Feb-April 2011).
  • Loutjie Coetzee visited Dr E. Kerrigan at Imperial College in England (2007).

 Some Group Alumni:

  • Dr. Laurentz Olivier (PhD 2016) - Control and Instrumentation Engineer at Sasol.
  • Dr. Derik le Roux (PhD 2016) - Lecturer at UP.
  • Dr. Eben du Toit (PhD 2015) - Head of Data at Tencent Africa.
  • Dr. Jonathan Meyer (PhD 2015) - Process Modeling & Simulation Engineer at UCB Pharma.
  • Dr. Nelis Muller (PhD 2015) - Lead Engineer: Advanced Process Control & Control Critical Information Infrastructure at Sasol.
  • Dr. Loutjie Coetzee (PhD 2009) – Principal control engineer, Mintek.
  • Dr. Fernando Camisani (PhD 2003) - DPSS CSIR and NOC Chair of IFAC 2014 World Congress.
  • Mr. Letsane Paul Rathaba (MEng, 2004) - Railway Safety Regulator: General Manager for Safety Assurance.
  • Mr. Rademeyer Vermaak (MEng, 2003) - Quantitative Fund Manager at Fairtree Capital.
  • Dr. Ernst Scholtz (MEng, 2000) - Global R&D Strategy Manager at ABB, Zurich.
  • Mr. Martin Smit (MEng, 1999) - Analog Design and Layout Manager, Microchip, Phoenix AZ.
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