More about the PAHC Programme

A PAHC Programme (the ‘Programme’) offered through the Chair in PAHC, will provide a structured easy to follow extension methodology and step by step approach to the knowledge, skills and tools needed by the livestock owner to identify, treat and prevent the most common diseases causing death and loss of production. This structured “PAHC MODEL” was developed and field tested by Afrivet Training Services.

The Faculty (UP) and its partner Afrivet (who have initiated development of training material since 2008) have developed training material to train particularly Veterinarians and Veterinary para-professionals (particularly Animal Health technicians and Veterinary nurses) in a train-the-trainer concept to further train animal welfare officers, farmers, farm workers and animal owners. The training programme consisting of three modules is both theoretical and practical with continuous assessment and it is adaptable depending on the audience and the animal health needs of specific regions.

The program is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1: focusing on the early identification and treatment or prevention of clinical disease.
  • Module 2: focusing on on-going diseases management such as good handling, parasite control and vaccination to prevent losses.
  • Module 3: focusing on, nutrition, reproduction and marketing of the end product.

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