M.Eng.(Electrical/Electronic/Computer Engineering)

The main requirement for a Masters Degree in Electrical, Electronic or Computer Engineering is encapsulated in the requirement below quoted from the UP School of Engineering Yearbook 2015.
“A student must by means of a dissertation or mini-dissertation prove that he or she is capable of planning, instituting and executing a scientific investigation.”

The main difference between a Masters Degree and a Doctoral Degree is that a student is required to lead the research for a Doctoral Degree, while a Masters-Degree student will receive significantly more guidance from their supervisor.

In practice, this requirement is demonstrated by a student defining and undertaking
research in collaboration with their supervisor which leads to the following outcomes:

  • At least one paper submitted to a leading international journal.
  • The presentation of a dissertation which expands on the paper(s) written on the basis of the student’s research. The dissertation must be successfully defended to an expert in the relevant field of study.

The minimum duration of Masters-Degree studies is one year of full-time study 6 with the dissertation amounting to the equivalent of 1000 hours of study time. A Masters Degree can thus be completed in a minimum of two years, one year for the coursework portion (an Honours Degree) and another year for the research portion (the Masters Degree).

An unusual requirement for a Masters Degree in Engineering at UP is that the student should first complete an Honours Degree. The Honours Degree considered below is thus simply the coursework portion of an Engineering Masters Degree.

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