Call for Abstracts

5 May 2021

3rd and final Call for Abstracts: Now open 

Closing date: 10 July 2021


DETA conferences have now become a unique and regular biennial event on the African academic calendar, offering a platform for practitioners and researchers in teacher education to collectively reflect on how educational policies, while guided by local contexts, can be attuned to achieving a shared vision for the continent. It also focuses on how practices can be enhanced by learning from the experiences of others; and on how theories and models borrowed from the North can be challenged by more culturally sensitive perspectives developed from empirical data produced in a diversity of African contexts.

Abstract submission guidelines

  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words (excluding title and author information).
  • Include a theoretical or a conceptual framework (as applicable), research question(s), methodology, findings and conclusion.
  • Do not include references.
  • The organising committee will do document formatting – thus please ensure that all the information requested in the online abstract submission form is completed correctly. Upon confirmation of acceptance of your abstract, we will provide the formatted version of the document to you. You will therefore have the opportunity to comment if amendments are required.
  • Click here for instructions on abstract submission.

For symposium

For a symposium, submit one abstract summarising the overall objectives of the symposium as well as a separate abstract for each paper. Authors can submit a maximum of three papers per symposium.

Conference Proceedings
Presenters do not need to submit full papers for Conference Proceedings. Conference Proceedings will not be published.

TETFLE Open Journal

Teacher Education through Flexible Learning in Africa and Other Developing Contexts
Call for papers for a special issue

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