African Regional Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (ALEPH 2024)

Police and public health deal with many of the same issues, but most often in isolation from each other, and often at cross-purposes. Many of the most urgent and critical current social, humanitarian, security and broad public health issues require an inter-sectoral approach, with police increasingly working to support the achievement of human rights-based public health goals. 

The First African Regional Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (ALEPH 2024), is a must attend conference for anyone involved in the complex and diverse intersections of law enforcement and public health in Africa – police, public health practitioners, community and activists, policy makers and researchers from across many disciplines. In this emerging field it is important to bring together practitioners, policymakers and academics to explore the nature of the myriad interactions between police and public health, to learn how better to work together to achieve the best safety and wellbeing for the whole community.


  1. To raise awareness of the important links between the law enforcement and public health sectors in addressing a broad range of complex issues
  2. To raise awareness of public health approaches, including public health policing, to public health issues in Africa currently criminalized or over-policed
  3. To explore current research and state-of-the-art practice globally addressing these issues
  4. To share experience with partnership approaches to the widest range of important public health and welfare issues in Africa
  5. To form a regional African LEPH network as an affiliated member of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association