Global Consortium for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

University of Pretoria is honoured to host this Fourth Annual Meeting of the Global Consortium for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in October 2021. As the first meeting on African soil, UP hopes to inject some of its unique perspectives into the global conversation. The onset of COVID-19 upset our plans for a meeting in Pretoria in October 2020, but the steering committee saw this as an ideal opportunity to start with some meaningful projects this year and use a 2021 meeting as the culmination and feedback session for these projects. For us it is important to narrow the discussion to some specific topics and try to emerge from the meeting with some definite resolutions and action plans.


The Fourth Annual Meeting will run from October 27 to 29, 2021, between 10:00am and 15:00pm (SAST). The programme themes are: Knowledge sharing; The impact of Covid-19 and current initiatives in Africa; and, Repatriation, access and co-curation. The programme consists of presentations, round table discussions, and inserts from the University of Pretoria's various Ensembles.