Past Symposia hosted by CEPHS

Past Symposia hosted by CEPHS

  1. 2019: Clinical Ethics Symposium on Informed consent for standard and nonstandard clinical interventions

The following topics were considered: experimental-empirical treatments; clinical usage of novel molecular technologies; Children and reluctant parents; Legal aspects of non-standard interventions; shared decision-making preceding consent; wasting resources on patient’s demand; and too little or too much professional flexibility

  1. 2019: Course on the Ethics of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Clinical Trials

It is an ethical and legal requirement that all researchers who conduct clinical trials must have training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as captured in the recently published South African GCP Guidelines (2019). For this reason, a training opportunity was provided available to all researchers in the FHS.n clinical trials.

  1. 2018: Symposium: The Biopsychosocial model: problems and solutions

In collaboration with King’s College London (UK), the following topics were addressed: problems withf and solutions for the biopsychosocial model in health practice  (Prof Derek Bolton from King’s College); African reflections on the biopsychosocial model (Prof Werdie van Staden (UP))

  1. 2018: Symposium: Justice and Mental Health

Visiting faculty from London presented on madness and the limits of social recognition (Dr Mohammed Rashed (Birkbeck University of London, UK); and trauma memory and epistemic injustice in assessments of refugee testimony (Dr Rachel Bingham)

  1. 2017: Symposium: Research Ethics of Human Genetics/Genomics

In collaboration with UP’s Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine, the symposium addressed the ethical challenges that may be encountered in conducting genetic/genomic research on human subjects including informed consent and the different types of consent that can be obtained, community involvement in genetic/genomic research, access to and ownership of DNA and data, privacy and the need for traceability, incidental findings and obligations to research participants and communities, and intellectual property and commercialization.

  1. 2017: Colloquium on: Unpacking the Life Esidimeni Tragedy

This colloquium considered the Makgoba-report; current mental health services for continuous care; continuities and discontinuities in chronic mental health care; voices in the history of institutionalisation and de-institutionalisation; human rights and legal implications; perspectives from spaces between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of psychiatric institutions; the “transfer process” and the search for ‘asylum’;  and bio-legitimacy  in the concepts and values of/in mental health.

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