Research Focus

The Centre focuses on following research themes:


  1. Values in Health Practice (Axiology of Health Practice)
  2. Person-centeredness and Informed Consent to Health Interventions
  3. Philosophy of Mental Health
  4. Ethics of Mental Health
  5. Ethics of Health Research
  6. Ethics of Pandemic Diseases


Research topics currently pursued by Prof W van Staden:

  1. Building on the philosophy of Gottlob Frege in decoding matter, mind and language (with relevance to philosophy and mental health)
  2. Incapacity to give informed consent owing to mental disorder
  3. Causal accounts and conceptual boundaries of mental disorder in psychiatric diagnostic classifications
  4. Anxiety, vigour and related symptoms in schizophrenia
  5. Positive health and wellbeing as counterpart to ill-health in psychiatry and psychology


Topics of interest at the Centre may also be gleaned from the titles of PhD-theses (click here for details) and from recent publications (click here for details)

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