Vision and Mission


CEPHS provides a synergistic research platform for its students an associates to produce scholarly output that respondes to local and international developments as well as regulatory requirments in the field of Health Ethics.  It fosters conceptual sophistication in the field that is pertinent to the professional practice and theoretical engagements of all health sciences.



1. Development of research capacity in ethics and philosophy of health sciences

  • To undertake and advance rigorous conceptual and empirical research in this field, drawing on the African ethic of ubuntu.
  • To enhance capabilities in conceptual and empirical research in this field
  • To build capacity and capabilities for scholarly input in the Faculty regarding ethics in health research, health practice and health education 
  • To bring philosophical sophistication to the conceptual challenges in health sciences
  • To help build excellence in health practice through research on the concepts and values guiding health practice
  • To advance philosophical theory by making the phenomena of health sciences more accessible to philosophers.
  • To build logistical capacity for substantial, high quality conceptual and empirical research in this field
  • To enhance and facilitate collaborative learning through exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge and skills relevant to health practice, ethics and philosophy.
  • To obtain significant fellowships and grants for research in the field
  • To participate in national and international developments, publications, conferences, organisations and events that are related to health ethics, philosophy of health sciences and medical humanities.

2. Development of training and teaching capacity through research in ethics and philosophy of health sciences

  • To develop and maintain dynamic, sustainable, and practically relevant post graduate training through participation in research in this field, which are person-centred and relevant to the needs of Africa and South Africa.
  • To build intellectual and practical skills capacity in this field as an important contribution to the transformation of South Africa as a uniquely diverse community.
  • To enhance teaching and learning opportunities and research studentships
  • To provide opportunities for continued professional development (CPD) in health ethics for health practitioners

3. Influence practice, services, policies & management in the health sector

  • To promote the ethical soundness of health practice, services, policies and management
  • To enhance the effectiveness of health practitioners, teachers, and researchers by illuminating the ethical and conceptual issues embedded in these activities
  • To help strengthen health scientists and practitioners in the conceptual aspects of their work, in particular mobilising the theoretical and practical affordances of an ubuntu ethic.
  • To contribute to health practitioners in South Arica who are ethically informed and sound in their professional practice
  • To influence health practice, service development, policies and education guided by an appreciation for individual differences and respect for diversity among health care users, societies, and health practitioners and managers
  • To advance responsible debates on contentious issues in health practices, services, policies and education in South Africa and on issues of international importance
  • To collaborate with international, African and South African tertiary institutions to advance the educational, research, and clinical interests in health ethics and philosophy of health sciences.


Published by Samantha Hodgson

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