BSc Hons Bioinformatics


Students must be in possession of a Baccalaureus degree in Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Informatics, Statistics or Computer Engineering.

Students with a Baccalaureus degree in either Physics, Mathematics or Electronic Engineering may be required to do a special post graduate bridging year before admission into BSc Hons Bioinformatics.


This course is composed of the following parts:
  • BIF 701 Bioinformatics Theory and Applications
    32 credits, 2 lectures per week, 2 practicals per week, both semesters
    General concepts in Bioinformatics, sequence motifs and features, sequence databases, common Bioinformatics tools, programming in Perl, the Bioinformatics toolkit for Perl, pairwise and multiple sequence alignments, genome analysis, data visualization, specialized statistics for Bioinformatics, specialized algorithms for Bioinformatics, nucleic acid modelling, transcription analysis, microarray data analysis, genome annotation, phylogenetics, mapping and markers, structural modelling.
  • BIF 702 Trends in Bioinformatics and Literature Seminar
    9 credits, 2 lectures per week, both semesters
    Study and discussion of topical research results from recent scientific publications.
  • BIF 703 Research project and report
    33 credits, both semesters
  • BME 780 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics for Bioinformatics
    18 credits, both semesters
  • BIF 704 Introduction to Molecular Biology for Bioinformatics*
    18 credits, 1 lecture per week, both semesters (elective)*
    Atoms and molecules, the chemistry of life, organization of the cell, energy, chromosomes, heredity, DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, gene regulation, genetic engineering, genomes, genes and development, evolution, speciation, diversity.
  • BAS 752 Research Methodology
    10 credits, 3 days full-time
  • MLB 721 Molecular and Cell Biology
    18 credits, second semester

Minimum credits required: 120

* Note:
  • Students with degrees in Biological Sciences should elect BME 780.
  • Students from Computer Science and other related backgrounds should elect Bioinformatics (BIF 704).

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