VectorStar Broadband VNA ME7828A

  • Frequency Range: 70 kHz  - 110 GHz 
  • Dynamic range:  90 dB at 65 GHz
  • E-cal up to 70 GHz (1.85mm coax), GSG on-wafer calibration up to 110 GHz.
  • Calibration and measurement stability: 0.1 dB over 24 hrs

Anritsu Power Meter ML2437A


  • 90 dB dynamic range 

Anritsu Thermal Sensors MA2400xA

  • True-RMS detection enables accurate average power measurements of any signal type
  • 50 dB dynamic range
  • Wide frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 50 GHz (sensor dependent)
  • Calibration factors stored in EEPROM

Cascade Microtech PM300 Probe Station



Octanorm Soft-Wall Cleanroom Unit

  • ISO Class 7

mm-Wave Anechoic Chamber


Rhode & Schwarz Digital Oscilloscope RTO1044

  • 4GHz high-performance oscilloscope
  • Ideal for analyzing steep edges and fast signals
  • With a maximum real-time sampling rate of 20 GSa/s
  • Can be used to test fast clock signals with a frequency of up to 800 MHz.

Rhode & Schwarz FSW50 Signal and Spectrum analyzer

  • Frequency range from 2 Hz to 50 GHz (with external harmonic mixers from Rohde & Schwarz up to 110 GHz)
  • Low phase noise of –137 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz offset (1 GHz carrier)
  • –88 dBc dynamic range (with noise cancellation) for WCDMA ACLR measurements
  • Up to 500 MHz analysis bandwidth

FS-Z75 Harmonic mixer 50-75GHz

  • Low conversion loss
  • High 1 dB compression Point
  • High LO frequency range
  • No biasing required
  • Calibration data provided in file format
  • Compatible with R&S Spectrum Analyzers (B21 Option)

NRP-Z58 Thermal Power Sensor

  • Measurement range: –35 dBm to +20 dBm
  • Frequency range: DC to 110 GHz
  • 1.00 mm connector
  • Operation with R&S®NRP2 base unit or via USB on a Laptop/PC




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