Bioengineering at UP

Bioengineering is a research entity hosted in the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Bioengineering performs research in the wide subject area of medical and biological engineering, with our core work being in the field of sensory prostheses, and with a primary focus in auditory neuroscience and cochlear implants for the deaf. 

Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering

Bioengineering as a specialist field includes medical / biomedical engineering and biological engineering. Bioengineering at UP is built on a foundation of mainly electronic engineering.


Our research focusses on understanding human sensory processing and solving problems related to neural prostheses.

Research topics include:

  • cochlear stimulation electrodes, electrical fields and nerve activation,
  • computer modelling of the normal and electrically stimulated auditory system,
  • psychoacoustic research involving normal hearing people and cochlear implant users,
  • acoustic models of cochlear implants,
  • medical imaging and visualisation,
  • speech processing and
  • computational auditory neuroscience.


Postgraduate programme

Along with its function as a research entity, Bioengineering is also responsible for the postgraduate degree programme in bioengineering (biomedical engineering).

For more information on the Honours, Masters and PhD programmes in Bioengineering, please follow the links to the Opportunities page. Note the entry requirements on the postgraduate degree programme pages that you will find under Opportunities.




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