Summary of Yearly Activities


  1. Feed A Homeless Homie
Date: Ongoing.
  • At every end of the month BAdmin@tuks Outreach Portfolio as well as the EC will be lending a helping hand towards a student society, Feed A Homeless Homie.
  • Assisting the society with various items such as non-perishable goods and other food items.
  • Recruiting student every month to go with to feed a homeless Homie.
  1. Points Programme
 Date: Ongoing
  • An Initiative exclusive to BAdmin@tuks that relegates around us as BAdmin EC creating a buzz with our various events through a point system for our BAdmin degree students. How it works, students of BAdmin attend our events receive points in return at the end they receive an amount of benefits from said points. This initiative is all to create a partnership with our BAdmin students and to gain support from them in terms of turnout for events purposes.
  1. Matriculation Motivation (Assist a student apply)
Date: 05/05/2018
  • Matric Motivation and Assist a Student Apply is a project that will be taking place at Tshwane Secondary School.
  • This project is set out so that these High School pupils will be more aware of what the University of Pretoria has to offer, as well as assisting these students with their application forms and guiding them through the application process.
  • This project will be in collaboration with Junior Tukkie.
  1. Tutorial programme
Date: 25/05/2018 - 24/08/2018
  • Tshwane Secondary School Tutorial Programme is a project that will be set out by the BAdmin@tuks Outreach Portfolio to assist matric students before their June Exams with help from students from the University of Pretoria in various subject areas.
  • We will leave in the afternoon and get to the school and provide these tutorials to the scholars after their classes have completed.
  • Tutorials will be given by the Badmin@tuks EC plus the recruited group of students.
  • This programme will also be in Collaboration with Junior Tukkie and Golden Key.
  1. Mandela day
Date: 18/07/2018
  • Mandela Day is a beacon of light for South Africa where we as citizens devote 67 minutes of our day to any charity we wish to help or individuals we wish to assist.
  • With the Badmin EC.
  • This year BAdmin@tuks will be devoting our time to an orphanage as well as an old age home of our choice for Mandela day.
  1. Textbook drive
Date: 17/07/2018
BAdmin Community Outreach wants to start an Initiative which benefits our students as well as their pockets. Textbooks are very expensive on tertiary level and we as Outreach want to alleviate their pain by getting students (owners) to rent out their textbooks for these students starting second semester the money will go to the owner of said textbook after the book has been used and students will benefit as the price will be half of what they originally pay.
  • Initiative to start second semester with collaboration with house humanities.
  • To help students rent textbooks for much less.
  • To help as fundraising.
  1. Garden of life
Date: From 01/04/2018
  • Garden of hope Is a junior tukkie initiative where they plant crops and grow veggies and donate them in food drives or share amongst the societies.
  • Junior tukkie is collaborating with NAT House and Scienza and Badmin@tuks in this initiative.
  • Badmin expected to come in scheduled times to help cultivate the garden.
  • Badmin expected to contribute with any finance to help with the Garden.


  1. 1st year campus tour:
We facilitated a tour around campus for first years, with the purpose of showing the BAdmin students the important buildings and venues that they will attend at during their studies at the University of Pretoria.
  1. Self-defence seminar:
This will be a very informative and beneficial self-defence seminar for all BAdmin students. Protecting oneself has become a significantly important and extremely necessary skill. This seminar will enable the students to gain knowledge of how to react in certain situations that may require them to protect themselves.
 3. Student sports committee:
This committee is the University of Pretoria sports committee that works together with faculty house and sub-houses to host sports events for students. They have sports events that run throughout the academic year.
They will be communicated to the students to encourage participation.

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