Danica Cousins

Former Spanish student enriches her language skills in South America

My journey with the Spanish language began when I was 15. I participated in a three month exchange program to Argentina. Before the exchange I had no previous knowledge of the language whatsoever. However, I returned with a rudimentary understanding that planted a seed which was to have a tremendous impact on my life. 

The next time I came into contact with the Spanish language, culture and way of life was in my first year at The University of Pretoria. I chose the subject thinking I would do it for a year. I ended up carrying it with me throughout my undergraduate degree. I could write pages about the quality, care and knowledge with which my Spanish lecturers conducted their classes, but I will simply say this. Their passion for the language, and all that comes with it, has become my passion. Their patient teaching and wealth of knowledge has resulted in my pursuit of a lifelong relationship with both the language and the countries in which it is spoken. 

I am currently back in Argentina. After spending a week in Buenos Aires I am now working at an adventure sport resort in Patagonia. This is the first leg of my 10 month journey through South America. I am going to be working in various hostels, volunteering and climbing many beautiful mountains. I speak Spanish all day every day and I am loving it! None of this would have come to pass had I not had the opportunity to engage so deeply with the Spanish language and culture at the University of Pretoria.


Published by Luis Lancho Perea

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