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Posted on September 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of higher education, the University of Pretoria (UP) remains at the forefront of embracing innovative tools that foster a superior learning experience for its students. One such ground-breaking initiative is AE-Bot – a digital tutor powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), birthed right here at UP during 2023.

AE-Bot was developed by Professor Stephen Coetzee of the Department of Accounting in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. AE-Bot wasn't just another tech project; it stemmed from a genuine desire to complement traditional classroom learning. Recognising the modern student's need for immediate clarification, diverse learning paces, and a hunger for knowledge beyond the classroom, AE-Bot emerged as the answer – a digital companion available 24/7 for every curious mind.

While its roots lie in serving UP students, AE-Bot's potential was quickly recognised, catapulting it from a local initiative to a nationwide phenomenon. By August 2023, there were students from seven other major South African universities who were actively engaging with AE-Bot. The metrics are astonishing: AE-Bot has had nearly 1 400 unique users and over 26 000 interactions in merely 40 days. 

"AE-Bot is available as a chat-based tool, which demystifies complex accounting concepts in real-time. Its brilliance lies in adaptable learning by providing tailored answers to diverse student queries," Prof Coetzee explained. He adds that the depth of knowledge covered by AE-Bot ranges from basic to complex topics.

This innovation provides a focused environment for students by being an advertising-free zone, which ensures uninterrupted learning. With its round-the-clock assistance, AE-Bot is always available anytime and anywhere.

"With its rapid growth and unwavering commitment to student success, AE-Bot is geared for an exciting future. As we look to continuously refine and expand its offerings, we invite you to try AE-Bot today and be a part of this educational revolution," Prof Coetzee concluded. 

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- Author Department of Accounting

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