The will to do, the heart to win!
— School Mission

TuksSport High School

TuksSport High School Gr 12s of 2015
TuksSport High School Gr 12s of 2015
TuksSport High School Prefects 2015
TuksSport High School Prefects 2015

Welcome to TuksSport High School

'The will to do, the heart to win'

TuksSport High
is an Independent co-ed school, catering for learners from Grade 8 - 12.  The school forms part of the High Performance Centre (hpc), and shares its vision of offering a unique sporting and learning environment to its learners. This specialized school allows current and potential high performance athletes to train and travel internationally, while still staying in school. TuksSport High School offers learner athletes a unique opportunity to live out their passion for sport in a distinctive sporting milieu created by the high performance centre (hpc) and the University of Pretoria.


From the Principal


In 2002 doomsayers predicted the early demise of the new Sport School founded at the University of Pretoria. Traditionalists scoffed at the flexibility offered by the programme, and blue blood academics expressed concern about the academic standard of a school made up of only young sportsmen and women.

Parents feared that teachers at a sport school weren’t truly qualified and that the matric certificate would be sub-standard. he only people who believed whole-heartedly in the concept were the coaches who (mistakenly) rubbed their hands in glee at the prospect of sport trumping academics. Little did they know….

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