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Undergraduate Studies

The Department offers the following undergraduate degree packages in the Faculty of Humanities:

  • BPolSci in Political Studies
  • BPolSci in International Studies

The core of these two packages consists of the two subjects presented by this Department, namely Political science (STL) and International relations (IPL).

The following topics are addressed at undergraduate level:

Within Political science

  • Basics of politics
  • Comparative politics
  • Political processes and behaviour
  • Political development
  • Democracy and dictatorship
  • African politics
  • Political thought
  • Policy studies
  • South African political issues
  • Political analysis
  • Contemporary political ideologies

Within International relations

  • Introduction to international relations
  • International actors and issues
  • International cooperation
  • Foreign policy and diplomacy
  • Africa in world politics
  • International political economy
  • Strategic studies
  • Theories of world politics
  • Comparative foreign policy
  • Strategic intelligence and risk analysis

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