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Commercii Executive Committe


Commercii is the Faculty student house of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria. As a student of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences you are automatically a member of this society. We are proud to welcome you to our family of future business leaders.

Commercii is a society that provides support to the students of the faculty in many ways. We organise various academic speaker events, we are involved in community engagement projects and we provide social interaction between students. As a Faculty house we are here to serve you in every way possible. No task is too great or demanding for the Executiv+e Committee of Commercii.

The Executive Committee of Commercii consists of the Chairpersons of the other sub-societies of the faculty. Here are the sub-houses:


Sub-society Description
[email protected] is the society for students studying BCom Financial Sciences with a specialisation in Taxation.
MC Experience caters for students studying BCom Marketing Management, BCom Communication Management, BCom Business Management, BCom Supply Chain Management and BCom Entrepreneurship.
Fin'Est is the society for BCom Financial Sciences and BCom Investment Management.
If a student studies BCom Financial Sciences with a specialisation in Internal Auditing  they can join House IA.
Students studying BCom Accounting Sciences can join House CA.
[email protected] is the society for students studying BAdmin Public Management and BAdmin International Relations.
[email protected] is the society for students studying BCom Economics or BCom Econometrics.

BCom Human Resources students can join HR Tuks.


As a team we work together to make your experience at UP more eventful. For more information on our upcoming events check out our Facebook page: 

Commercii aims to uphold the values of the University of Pretoria and use these values to steer the Faculty house towards excellence. We invite you to join us this coming year for what promises to be our most memorable one yet.



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