Chairperson's Note 2019/2020

As the Chairperson of Commercii Faculty House, I would love to welcome you to the Economic and Management Sciences family. You have made an excellent choice to join our faculty!
My name is Amelia Veldschoen and I am a final year BCom Supply Chain Management student.
Becoming part of the faculty of Economic and Management Science meant that I had to advance my way of thinking, advance my goals in preparation of my career one day.
I remember sitting in my first lecture and thinking, “wow, there’s a huge world out here and there is definitely a place for me”. I knew that I made the best decision to study in this faculty because of the job and networking opportunities it would bring after my studies.
In my second year, I was elected as the Chairperson of Commercii. I had the determination to do better and to serve students just like me. I knew I could motivate them to advance their capabilities as future business- people and the create future leaders today for a better tomorrow.
My final year is quite an exciting one. The EMS faculty allows students to prepare for the world of work by joining a Ready for Work Programme on ClickUP, as well as an Entrepreneurship course which offers the basics to running your own business. I was able to use those courses to open two businesses where I can empower people in my community by employing them and teaching them skills in event management and logistics.
Academically, having adapted the UP-way, I was able to succeed in becoming the first coloured Chairperson of Commercii, followed by becoming a Golden Key member, a goal I really wanted to achieve.
Allow the EMS Faculty to Advance your academic career. There is a big world here and there is a place for you. So remember, it’s only through continued determination in working towards your goals are you able to achieve them.

Published by Caleb Vergotine

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