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Eskom Specialisation Centre in Plant Asset Management


In 2012 Eskom established the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) to produce highly skilled engineers at post-graduate level within eight broad specialization areas at universities in South Africa.  The University of Pretoria was identified for the establishment of such a specialization centre in plant asset management.  This contract was renewed in 2017 for a five year period ending 2021.

For more information about the EPPEI programme, see:


Course based Post-graduate Qualification

The centre at UP is responsible to develop and present a range of post-graduate courses in the general field of asset integrity management. These courses form part of a larger Post-Graduate Qualifications programme and allows articulation between participating universities.

More details about the post-graduate course programme at UP can be found at


Research thrusts

EPPEI is also responsible for a very active and vibrant research programme in aspects of plant integrity management in the power engineering environment.

The current main EPPEI research thrusts are:


Design and Manufacture:

  • Optimisation of steam turbine laser shock peening for power plant engineering applications
  • Optimisation of heat treatment ramp rates on thin-walled components


Materials characterization

  • The development of materials models for power plant engineering applications


Data Acquisitioning

  • Dynamic optical measurement techniques for power plant engineering applications


Condition monitoring and non-destructive testing

  • Development of specialised structural response measurement techniques for power engineering applications
  • Turbine blade tip timing
  • Non-linear acoustic response


Remaining useful life

  • Development of methods for remnant life estimation in power plant engineering applications


Loading and environmental inputs

  • Development of models to determine steam turbine blade forces under off-design conditions


In the area of life cycle management decision support the centre focuses its research around Eskom’s Standard Thermal Performance Model.


Current work comprises:


Configuration management:

  • Review of maintenance strategies as a result of station cycling
  • Midlife refurbishment and plant renewal utilising “lean” methodologies
  • Techno Economic RAM Model of FGD installation at Kendal power station


Work Management

  • Simulate and optimise outage criteria under varying load conditions


Spares and materials management

  • Multi Criteria Models for Optimisation of Spares
  • Develop Model for Optimisation of Spares Using Condition Information


Equipment reliability

  • Maintenance strategy optimisation at milling plant.
  • RAM Analysis on water supply to power stations under varying load conditions.
  • Turbine overhaul assessment in conjunction with running hours, age and overhaul strategy


Plant operations

  • Development of algorithms for collating dissociated information sources on site
  • Maximising flexibility and performance of installed plant
  • Station life cycle performance optimised using advanced technologies
  • Distilling useful information often lost in the “noise” of plant data sources



Contact details


For further information about the programme contact Ms Bonolo Mokoka at [email protected] or 012 420 2096.

You may also contact Prof Stephan Heyns who is the director of C-AIM at [email protected], or Prof Johann.Wannenburg, who is the incumbent of the Chair of Plant Asset Management, at [email protected].





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