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Don’t just teach your kids to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.
— George Carlin

Welcome to the Department of Educational Psychology

South African Journal of Education

The Departmen of Educational Psychology offers undergraduate, postgraduate and distance education programmes and modules. It also offers training (on a modular basis) to students entering fields such as early childhood intervention, social work, psychology and educational management, allowing them to use this knowledge and these skills in their future practice with children.

Vision Statement

The Department of Educational Psychology is to be recognised as a leading educational psychology department both nationally and internationally, which develops researchers, teachers and professional counsellors, psychometrists and educational psychologists, who can make a difference in a resource-constrained world. The Department should be characterised by quality, relevance, impact and appreciation of diversity.

This vision is driven by the underlying values of positive psychology philosophy; collaboration and teamwork; transformation in response to diversity; academic excellence, quality and rigour; and ethical conduct and integrity.


The Department’s mission is to establish and maintain diverse partnerships in education and psychology that will result in quality and relevant knowledge generation on learning and development, by:

  • including differing perspectives that will promote well-being, and by
  • using such knowledge to develop researchers as well as professionals in education and psychology who can have an innovative impact on societies and communities.

Strategic Objectives

1. Practice innovative research to address challenges related to the field of educational psychology by:

  • increasing internationally recognised publications in high impact journals
  • enhancing the throughput rate of postgraduate students
  • being recognised as leading researchers in the field for e.g. by means of NRF rating and invited contributions at international conferences
  • leading funded projects involving research across departments, faculties and institutions.

2. Continuously promote levels of excellence in teaching and learning by:

  • attracting high quality students
  • striving towards a representative student pool by actively recruiting students from diverse backgrounds
  • producing graduates that are in demand
  • being valued and visible at professional bodies such as the HPCSA and PSySSA
  • collaborating with other institutions – nationally and internationally.

3. Incorporate community engagement in both research and teaching and learning by maintaining relevant partnerships and promoting social justice.

4. Maintain academic and support staff excellence in the Department by:

  • recruiting staff members representative of the South African population
  • supporting young staff members to complete their doctoral studies
  • planning for and supporting career progression of all academic staff members
  • maintaining an ethos of reflexivity in the Department.
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