Practical Law Module PRR 400

What will be expected of me if I take PRR 400?

Within the first three weeks of the academic year the PRR 400 students attend a compulsory off-campus practical workshop.  During the workshop, simulations are used to train the students for situations that they will experience in practice, specifically consultations and negotiations.  Some focus is also placed on ethics and practicing in a diverse society.  The cost of the workshop is covered by the University of Pretoria Law Clinic.


Students attend one compulsory lecture (double period) per week, during which the University of Pretoria Law Clinic’s Attorneys will present lectures focussing specifically on the type of matters that students will encounter at the University of Pretoria Law Clinic, including divorces, labour disputes, evictions and Children’s Court matters.


Students divide themselves into groups of eight students called “firms”. Each firm has one compulsory “firm duty time” per week.  This is a 90 minute time slot during which the students consult with real clients and work on their client’s cases.  Students are assisted by their supervising Attorneys every step of the way, but it is expected that the students will do all of the work, including research, the drafting of court documents, letters and opinion, making necessary telephone calls to clients, opposing Attorneys and third parties, etc. Additionally every firm has a compulsory 30 minute “firm meeting” per week during which the members of a firm brief each other on their cases and work on those cases.


How will I be assessed?

Assessment generally consists of the following components per semester

  • ClickUP tests
  • Semester test
  • Client files
  • Assignment
  • Peer and self-assessment

The final examination consists of a 30 minute oral examination during which the student is tested on the theoretical and practical work dealt with during the year, including the client files


How do I apply for PRR 400?

Students wishing to apply for admission to the module PRR 400 can find the application form on the link "Application form for PRR 400".

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