About [email protected]

About [email protected]





The Vice Principal of Academics is responsible for the student success initiatives under the banner of [email protected] (Finish Line is Yours).

[email protected] was created as a consequence of the University's concerns about the time that most students take to complete their first degrees. This campaign has been coordinated by Dr Byles since its inception in 2016.


[email protected]’s role is to encourage you to keep up with your class and to graduate with them. If you registered for a three-year degree (like a BA or BCom) in 2019, for instance, you should finish at the end of 2021. If you registered for a four-year degree like an LLB or BEng, you should finish at the end of 2022.

Our messages to our students are:


It is extremely beneficial to you and your parents or sponsors for you to finish your degree in the shortest possible time. It saves money and time, and you can start work or commence with higher degrees that much sooner. If you lose out on a year’s salary because you are studying when you could have been working, you will never recover that money! To find out how much you may be earning in the first year of your career, click here.

- Author Hestie Byles
Published by Tayla Jonker

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