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University of Pretoria Orientation Programme (UPO)

The University of Pretoria offers an exciting and beneficial online module for all first-year students to help them ease into university life and make the most of their studies. This self-study online module is compulsory and forms part of every first-year student’s degree requirements. UPO must be completed during the first year of study. Once a student has registered at the University of Pretoria, he/she will be registered for the UPO module that is linked to their faculty.

UPO consists of eight themes, each of which contains videos and/or quizzes, activities and questionnaires. Assessments will be graded and performance will be recorded and be reflected on the student’s Academic Record. If students neglect to complete the UPO during their first year of study, they will receive the code ‘Progress Unsatisfactory’ on their Academic Record, which will not be removed.

However, students should always remember that they are not alone and that help is always available, especially from faculty student advisors (FSAs). Once you are enrolled, you can access your UPO module via clickUP where all instructions will be provided and help will be available on campus and online.

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