Reflection by Mamiky Phiri, an exchange student on the Erasmus+ Programme, Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Posted on July 27, 2023

Mamiky Phiri is an exchange student on the Erasmus+ programme at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. She received a scholarship to study at Fachhochschule Kiel during the summer term 2023 (March-July 2023). This is what she had so say about her experience:

“With heartfelt gratitude, I reflect on my incredible experience as an exchange student at Kiel Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences. The transformative journey immersed me in the field of social work, expanding my horizons through cross-cultural experiences and enhancing my ability to empathise and adapt. Equipped with valuable tools, I am driven to contribute meaningfully to society, promoting social justice and addressing critical issues in our interconnected world.

The privilege of engaging with diverse cultures and immersing myself in the German way of life has been life-changing. I have grown both personally and professionally, carrying this growth forward into my career. My time at Kiel Fachhochschule University has opened doors of opportunity and empowered me to make a meaningful impact in the field of social work. I am eager to share what I have learnt and contribute to the growth of the department back home.

The program on Major Social Issues and Current Developments in Social Care Services provided a comprehensive understanding of social work complexities and challenges. Emphasising social justice and group management, it nurtured my compassion and professionalism. The module on Suicide Prevention enlightened me on genuine connections and empathy in saving lives. Key Competences in a Global World also highlighted adaptability and intercultural competence, integrating mindfulness into cultural globalisation for the well-being of communities we serve.

With this valuable experience, I aspire to empower and encourage fellow students from the University of Pretoria to explore the opportunities of studying abroad as exchange students, fostering global competence and compassion”.


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