International Albinism Awareness Day

Posted on June 13, 2023

Theme: Inclusion is Strength

On this occasion of International Albinism Awareness Day, we come together under a theme that is both inspiring and powerful: "Inclusion is Strength." This resonating message reaches far and wide, bringing together diverse voices guided by love. Today, we celebrate the beauty of every unique soul, embracing all aspects that contribute to our collective wholeness. From youth to elders, men and women of all backgrounds, the strength of Albinism lies in our diverse perspectives.

Let us stand united, side by side, engaging in discussions related to Albinism, and entrust our experiences. The voices of youth, children, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people from all races hold significance; it is our responsibility to amplify their impact. In the disability movement, we find common ground and promote the inclusion of Albinism. Together, we advocate for just rights, magnifying our influence and building trust.

Our efforts reach beyond borders as we form alliances with human rights groups and like-minded individuals who strive for progress. Collaboration strengthens our bonds and paves the way for an inclusive future where all dreams can be realised. So, let us march forward, hand in hand, armed with the weapon of inclusion, spreading its power across the land. Our message resounds with hashtags that reflect our mission: #InclusionIsStrength, an anthem that we cheer.

Together, we take a stand to ensure that every voice is heard throughout the land. Inclusion serves as our guiding light, illuminating a future where everyone shines with radiant brilliance. Our vision of an #InclusiveFuture is one where compassion intertwines and surpasses all comparisons. International Albinism Awareness Day serves as a moment to inspire, celebrate diversity, and ensure that love never tires.

Join us in embracing the call and adding your voice to the chorus, as we work towards an inclusive future where we all flourish with strength and light.



- Author Professor N.J Bila

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