Prof. Marion (JJM) Meyer

Marion Meyer
Professor Plant Science
Section: Medicinal Plant Science
Office: Plant Sciences Complex 3-8
Tel:  +27 (0)12 420 2224
Fax: +27 (0)12 420 6668
Email: marion.meyer[AT]


Research interests:

Prof Marion Meyer’s main research interest is in the isolation, identification and mode of action of secondary compounds from medicinal and poisonous plants. Several novel compounds with bioactivity on erectile dysfunction, malaria, tuberculosis and other pathogenic bacteria and viruses have been isolated from traditionally used plants. Metabolomic approaches (mostly nmr) are employed in several projects to identify biomakers and bioactive compounds. He collaborates with several international institutions, including the ITMO St Petersburg University.


Some recent publications:


  1. HM Heyman, F Senejoux, I Seibert, T Klimkait, VJ Maharaj, JJM Meyer. 2015. Identification of anti-HIV active dicaffeoylquinic- and tricaffeoylquinic acids in Helichrysum populifolium by NMR-based metabolomic guided
  1. Meyer JJM, Senejoux F, Heyman HM, Meyer NL, Meyer MA. 2015. The occurrence of triterpenoids from Euphorbia gummifera inside the fairy circles of Garub in the southern Namibian pro-desert. SA J Botany 98 pp 10-15.
  1. Bapela Johanna, Meyer JJM, Kaiser, M. 2014. In vitro antiplasmodial screening of ethnobotanically selected SA plant species used in the treatment of malaria. J of Ethnopharmacology 156 pp 370-373.
  1. Shantanu Karkare, Terence TH Chung, Frederic Collin, Lesley A. Mitchenall, Adam R. McKay, Sandra J. Greive, Jacobus J.M. Meyer, Namrita Lall, and Anthony Maxwell. 2013. The Naphthoquinone Diospyrin is an Inhibitor of DNA Gyrase with a Novel Mechanism of Action. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 pp 5149-5156.
  1. Aya Komori, Munenori Suzuki, Hikaru Seki, Tomoko Nishizawa, J J Marion Meyer, Hideaki Shimizu, Shigeyuki Yokoyama, Toshiya Muranaka. 2013. Comparative functional analysis of CYP71AV1 natural variants reveals an important residue for the successive oxidation of amorpha‑4,11‑diene. FEBS Letters 587 pp 278-284.
  1. Stanton, SL, Meyer, JJM & Van der Merwe CF. 2013  An evaluation of the endophytic colonies present in pathogenic and non‑pathogenic Vanguerieae using electron microscopy. SA Journal of Botany 86 pp 41-45.
  1. Mbaveng Armelle T, Victor Kuete, Bathelemy Ngameni, Veronique P Beng, Bonaventure T Ngadjui, J J Marion Meyer and Namrita Lall. 2012. Antimicrobial activities of the methanol extracts and compounds from Dorstenia mannii (Moraceae). BMC Infectious Diseases 12:83.
  1. Kenneth O. Eyong, Senthil P. Kumar, Victor Kuete, Gabriel N. Folefoc, Henrietta Langmi, J. J. Marion Meyer, Namrita Lall, Sundarababu Baskaran. 2012. Cobalt mediated ring contraction reaction of lapachol and initial antibacterial evaluation of naphthoquinones derived from lapachol. Medicinal Chemistry Research 21 pp 2117–2122.
  1. Thaver, Vaneesha, J. J. Marion Meyer, Riana Cockeran, Moloko C. Cholo, Ronald Anderson, Namrita Lall. 2012. Investigation of the Anti-Mycobacterial Mechanism of Action of 7-Methyljuglone. Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases 2:2 pp 6-62.
  1. Heyman, H & Meyer, JJM. 2012. NMR based metabolicms for the quality control for natural products. SA Journal of Botany 82 pp 21-32.


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