SAMTA - South African Music Therapy

SAMTA is committed to:

  • Supporting practitioners in the field of Music Therapy by providing a platform and resource to:
    • Network, connect, and share experiences with other Music- and / or Arts Therapists;
    • Be alerted about and gain access to forums which provide professional guidance, continued education, support and information (i.e. Peer supervision, Improvisation groups, Ethics, and CPD events);
    • Remain informed about professional requirements of practice.
  • Advocating, marketing, and advancing public awareness of Music Therapy in South Africa.
  • Providing access to quality, professionally administered Music Therapy services from clinically trained, qualified, and registered music therapists in order to meet the needs of the South African community.
  • Upholding a standard of excellence within the Music Therapy profession in South Africa. 




World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT)


The World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) is an international nonprofit organization bringing together music therapy associations and individuals interested in developing and promoting music therapy globally through the exchange of information, collaboration among professionals, and actions. Founded in 1985 in Genoa, Italy, it is the only worldwide professional organization representing music therapy in many areas of the world. The members of the Federation are music therapy organizations, training programs, certified music therapists, music therapy students, and individuals associated with music therapy. WFMT is an international body, with officers, commissioners, and regional liaisons in all regions of the world.




School of the Arts - University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria, established in 1908, is a multi-campus research university situated in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa.

The University has seven campuses as well as a number of other sites of operation, such as the Pretoria Academic Hospital. Central administration is located at the Hatfield Campus.

The University of Pretoria offers more than 1 800 academic programmes. In 1996, the University of Pretoria became of the universities with the highest research output in South Africa and we have maintained this status. The University of Pretoria celebrated its Centenary in 2008.

The academic programmes of the University are offered in nine faculties, as well as a business school. The faculties comprise a total of 140 departments and 85 centres, institutes and bureaus. UP is at the forefront of tertiary education in the country and collaborates with world-class partners to ensure continued excellence in learning and teaching.

MusicWorks - Non-profit music therapy

MusicWorks is a Non-Profit Organisation that offers Music Interventions for children and young people, partnering with communities in Cape Town’s marginalised neighbourhoods.

MusicWorks uses the power of music to unlock potential in the lives of children and their communities. The organization uses music to create safe spaces for engagement, creativity, care and healing.


Tshwane School of Music – Community

The Tshwane Scool of Music is a community music school based in one of the city’s marginalised communities. The programme offers quality, accredited music education to children and youth along with a variety of short courses for the professional and semi-professional community musician. This is supported by the creation of performance opportunities, community jam sessions, music holiday programmes, master classes and a variety of other life skills and music outreach programmes in the community. The school is operated as a social enterprise creating innovative new models for job creation and education through the arts.

The Tshwane School of Music is the community partner for the congress and will provide access to their networks within the wider music industry and the city’s community music network. Children and youth will particpate in the congress lunch time concerts and the opening and closing ceremonies.


City of Tshwane - Host City

The City of Tshwane is delighted to be the official host and partner of the 16thWorld Congress of Music Therapy. Tshwane, the capital city of South Africa, is a country in one city. With its well-protected natural environment, monuments, various archaeological sites and scenic routes, the story of a nation and its capital unfolds for the inquisitive visitor.

We welcome you to South Africa and invite you to enjoy the city’s heritage, history, culture, cuisine, entertainment and outdoor sites.

The City of Tshwane partnered on the official media launch of the congress in April 2019 and will further support with congress planning and on-site support services.  

Important Dates
Conference Duration
7 July 2020 11:00 - 8 July 2020 22:15
8 April 2020 - 6 October 2020 [CLOSED]
Carol Lotter
Contact Email
[email protected]
Contact Number
+2712 420 5372
  • Music Therapy Approaches
  • Anti-oppressive and critical approaches
  • Diversity and decolonisation
  • Restorative justice
  • Community music therapy
  • Music therapy in neurological rehabilitation
  • Mental health
  • Trauma
  • Child and Youth work
  • Intellectual and physical disability
  • Work with persons who are displaced
  • Other Arts Therapies modalities
  • Community arts-based practice
  • Elderly
  • Community building through music education
  • Technological advances in music therapy