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 Postgraduate Brochure 2020 


Dates & Venues for upcoming courses:

!!!!! NB! Dates Affected by COVID-19 !!!!!

There will be no activities on Campus from 16 March 2020. This will affect the dates in the document below. Course dates are posponed and will be made available ASAP.

Dates of the courses can be found here: Postgraduate Module Dates (Rev: AUG 2020)


See the Module ClicKUP page or contact the relevant lecturer (as in brochure above) or Administrator: [email protected]

Registration information

Online Registration

Online registration information can be found here:


The department can under no circumstances issue a quotation, only the finance department can do 
this ([email protected]). 

You can generate an unofficial quote online on the Student Online Services portal (click on Student Finances, generate quotation), but for official quotations you need to contact the client service centre:[email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


I have an engineering degree, do I qualify for post-graduate studies?

Prospective students with an ECSA-accredited (usually 4-year BEng or BSc (Eng)) degree can apply for the BEng (Hons) (Metallurgical Engineering) qualification.

I have a BTech or BSc degree, do I qualify for post-graduate studies?

Prospective students with a BTech degree may apply for the BSc (Hons) (Appl. Sci.) (Metallurgy) programme, if they have an average of 65% for their final year of study with no modules repeated. Students with a relevant BSc degree (i.e. in chemistry/physics with relevant modules) can also apply for admission – based on the set of modules you took, you could qualify (most of our graduates have at least some materials science background, but with modules in analytical, organic & physical chemistry or physics, you should qualify). After completing the BSc (Hons) (Appl. Sci.) degree, students can move on to the MSc & PhD programmes.

How do I know whether I have been admitted / How can I track my application?

Note: All admission queries must be directed to Mrs. Dawn Taljaard (012 420 4095,[email protected]).

You can log in to the UP Portal (check Student Online Services – at the bottom of the page it will show the status of your application); or contact Mrs. Dawn Taljaard (012 420 4095, [email protected]) to track the progress of your application.

What if my results (of my previous degree) are still outstanding? Can I still apply?

Apply as soon as you can, before the closing date (end of Nov); you can then send your results to Mrs. Dawn Taljaard (012 420 4095, [email protected]) as soon as it is ready. We cannot (under no circumstances at all) process your application without the results.

I’ve been admitted! What is the next step?

Note: All registration queries must be directed to Ms. Thabiso Motsei  (012 420 6520,[email protected]).


What can I register for, if I am registering for the first time?

BEng (Hons) students can register for all the modules that they wish to take as stated in the post-graduate brochure; we recommend one module a semester over two years for maximum chance of success.

BSc (Hons) (Appl. Sci.) students (first registration) will only be able to register for one “Basic” module in January (i.e. Basic Physical Metallurgy, Basic Extractive Metallurgy or Basic Pyrometallurgy). Once they pass this module, they register other modules (as indicated in the brochure) later in the semester by filling out a subject addition form.


Where do I get the notes/textbooks?

On the first day of lectures, notes and details of the textbook (if any) will be given to you. We like to keep our programmes up to date, hence notes are usually updated a couple of weeks before lectures start. You are welcome to contact the relevant staff member (see brochure) for more detail on the programme.


I did not get admission to the programme, what can I do?

Our courses are also available as certificate courses through continuing education at UP ([email protected]). These certificate courses are exactly the same (content, dates, venues, etc.) but run by [email protected] Students can, for example, can complete one of these courses and re-apply for admission in the next year: these courses are not recognised on any degree programme, nor are they valid for admission, but do give the post-graduate committee a chance to evaluate whether a student might be successful on a degree programme and might prompt reconsideration for admission.


Need more information? Here are some contacts:

Administrative Officer: Ms. Gabi Ngema (012 420 3182, [email protected])

Head of Department: Prof.Roelf Mostert (012 420 4551, [email protected])



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