Department of Educational Psychology's research projects for 2011

Posted on May 05, 2011


Below is a list of the research project which members of this busy department are currently involved in:


·                     Proff Ronél Ferreira & Liesel Ebersöhn –

  • Supportive Teachers, Assets and Resilience (STAR): Ongoing project since 2003, partnering with teachers in supporting vulnerable communities and enhancing resilience 

·                     Prof Ronél Ferreira –

  • NRF: Coping with vulnerability: This project is an extension of the STAR intervention project, focusing on the manner in which voluntary care workers can assist communities in coping with vulnerability 

·                     Prof Liesel Ebersöhn –

  • Flourishing Learning Youth (FLY) 

·                     Dr Salomé Human-Vogel –

  •  Mamelodi: Family oriented educational psychology intervention. The purpose of this project is to provide educational psychology intervention to vulnerable families in need of care. 

·                     Dr Carien Lubbe-de Beer –

  • NRF: Lesbian parent families: The overall project are focusing on exploring the lives of lesbian parent families and how they create and negotiate their family lives within a heteronormative society, considering the various risk and protective factors eminent in lesbian parent families in South Africa.

 ·                     Prof Kobus Maree –

o           Career Adaptability (An Internasional project with 16 countries participating)

o           NRF: Developing a brief quantitative-qualitative strategy to administer career counselling

o           Assessing the viabllity of life designing in a group-based, international context. Italy.

o           Young Tukkie-Project: Determining predictors of success of students at university

·                     Dr Kesh Mohangi –

  • RDP: The psychosocial and emotional responses of adults who care for chiuldren in an institution 

·                     Dr Vanessa Scherman –

  • SANPAD: Exploring a monitoring and feedback system for the Foundation Phase: Innovations and developments to track learner performance. The purpose of the project is to further develop the South African Monitoring and Feedback System for Primary Schools (SAMP).


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