Department of Library Services Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2020

01 January 2020
This newsletter is intended to convey the events and news of the Department of Library Services. Enquiries can be directed to Elsabé Olivier (email: [email protected]).

News and Events

Welcome message January 2020
Ms Lindiwe Soyizwapi, Director: Department of Library Services

I would like to personally welcome all colleagues as we start the 2020 academic year.

I would like to personally welcome all colleagues as we start the 2020 academic year. We shall be deepening our conversation about the next steps for our library. I shall be visiting the various teams to hear from you and I hope this will afford you all another opportunity to contribute to the DLS strategic plan.  By working together, I am hoping this exercise will help us to achieve a deeper understanding of some of our current areas of strategic focus, and also deepen conversations around our next strategic plan, which will come into effect in 2020.

It takes all our talents and experience for our community to thrive. I therefore hope we shall hear from you all.

The start of the new year also marks my first month in the position of Library Director and I would like to extend my appreciation for all the support and goodwill I have received. I would like our navigational driver to be equity of access.

I believe we should work towards:

  1. Cultivating an inclusive community
  2. Growing as a learning organisation
  3. Enriching the student experience
  4. Advancing research for the public good
  5. Advocating equity of access
  6. Enhancing spaces for learning, research and working

Let us make 2020 a year in which we improve productivity, efficiency and innovation. Our default should be a sustainability mindset. We shall be #strongertogether.

I look forward to working together as we take UP Library to a higher level as a truly 21st century library.

-  Author Ms Lindiwe Soyizwapi

Meet our new UP Library Services director

Share your background with our colleagues.

Growing up, librarianship was unknown to me as no public libraries were available in African areas. I discovered the library in high school when I was at boarding school at Inanda Seminary. Post 1990, after the unbanning of political parties and shifts in society, working in a library became a possibility for me for the first time.

I have worked in academic libraries for over 20 years in various roles and enjoy contributing to the success of the academic and research programmes of the institutions. My hometown is Pietermaritzburg and I started my career at the then University of Natal as a subject librarian. Following the merger of the universities of Natal and Durban-Westville and a college of education, I was appointed as Campus Librarian for the Westville campus. During that time, I used to commute between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and I think that prepared me for the peak-hour traffic in Pretoria!

What attracted you to UP?

My decision to come to UP in 2012 was made easier by the reputation of the University and the opportunity to contribute at a deputy director level. It appeared to be a great career move. I was also excited to work with Mr Robert Moropa, who was a past president of our library association (LIASA). I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by him.

What are some of the areas you would like to work on as a priority at UP Library Services?

 I believe the library should enhance the following:

  • We should ensure that all our libraries are inclusive spaces for our staff and the University community.
  • We should ensure equity of access to all our resources and services.
  • What we do and offer should be informed by the user experience of our community.

What are your personal likes and dislikes?

I work with different people. For this reason, ubuntu, respect and integrity are critical aspects of my daily routines.
I dislike bullies and dishonesty.

Quick quiz: Lindiwe’s favourites

Pastime: Singing

Sport: As a parent I was a serious fan of school sport when my kids played. I watch some tennis and I only watch when SA is in the World Cup.

Food: My son is a chef, so the best meals are prepared by him when he visits home. I mostly enjoy traditional food.

Travel destinations: Currently I do sho’t left. My mum is elderly and based in Pietermaritzburg, so the best time is spent with her.

Musician: I love crooners, for me its Ringo (SA) and Michael Bublé.

Books: I enjoy Beaten but not Broken by Vanessa Govender and Becoming by Michelle Obama. 

 -  Author Jimmy Masombuka

Published by Tebogo Menong - Tukkievaria (14 February 2020)


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