Centring Ubuntu Health Care in Society 5.0: A Transdisciplinary Agenda During Covid-19 and Beyond

CONFERENCE: 13-15 September 2023

The onset of COVID-19 in Africa brought a variety of challenges which required transformation in many spheres of life. Such transformation required different disciplines and communities to work together. Ubuntu philosophy will inform the transdisciplinary agenda in health care. The Ubuntu Model of Care aims to reduce inequalities in healthcare provision and address the needs of vulnerable communities. Ubuntu will be explored as a potential foundation for firstly rebuilding a values-based healthcare system; secondly, restoring public trust in health institutions and programmes; and thirdly, affirming indigenous knowledge systems. In addition, the advantages of person-centred healthcare are well documented, creating a need to sensitize healthcare professionals towards humanizing healthcare, a concept that will run through the conference proceedings like a golden thread.

In partnership with our local and international partners, we envision to bring together participants from around the world to hear expert, high-profile speakers present the latest, cutting-edge research and theories of relevance to the nursing profession and other healthcare professionals across the globe. We will unite to foster a seshego [a Pedi word for a structure in which crops (knowledge in this case) are stored for future use] for healthcare professionals from different disciplines and countries. We will learn, share and network to build a better future for nursing and healthcare! 

The conference will be a hybrid event in Pretoria, South Africa. 

We look forward to receiving your abstract.