Recent Trends in CFT & the Gauge/Gravity correspondence


This is an informal PhD school, where international experts on diverse topics of modern String Theory research will present lectures on their research areas. It is aimed at PhD and advanced MSc students who already have a solid background in Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity. Postdocs working in the field are also welcome to attend.

The school is a continuation of the PhD schools associated with the annual Joburg Workshops on String Theory.


The invited lecturers at this year's school will be:

Mario Trigiante (Turin U/INFN Turin/Turin Polytechnic): "On Supergravity Theories and their solutions"

Sam van Leuven (Wits): "Supersymmetric Indices"

Jaco van Zyl (UCT): "Complexity and Quantum Chaos"


Participation in the school is free but participants are expected to cover their costs through their home institution. There might be limited support available for PhD students from South African Universities.

To apply to attend the school, please write to [email protected] , providing your University, level of study and the name and contact details of your supervisor. The deadline to apply is Friday, November 4th. Please indicate whether you would require support, and we will notify you if there is a possibility (however, we do not expect to be able to cover the full costs for students based outside of Gauteng)

The school is supported by the  National Research Foundation and the Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. We are also grateful to the University of Pretoria and the University of the Witwatersrand for financial and administrative support.

Organisers: Konstantinos Zoubos (UP), Vishnu Jejjala (Wits)

Local organising committee: Divania Carelse, Hector Dlamini, Konstantinos Zoubos


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