Given the need to prevent discrimination in all its forms on all its campuses, the University of Pretoria has set into motion a process to revise the existing policy framework. This process runs parallel to and is aimed at supplementing the many other initiatives at the University to foster a culture in which diversity is seen as an asset, to be embraced and celebrated, and effective steps are taken to prevent and act against discrimination.

In 2016 an Anti-Discrimination Policy Working Group was set up to develop a new comprehensive policy. The names of those who participated in this process can be downloaded here.

The new policy must address all forms of discrimination and their intersections at UP, and allow for redress that is just, fair and transparent. It also needs to shape the future in a way that will help to avoid discrimination from taking place in the first place and establish a community with a culture that is inclusive and affirming to all its members. In addition, the policy must engage with national laws and human rights instruments, and existing policies and procedures at UP on forms of discrimination, to offer an integrated approach.

A preliminary online consultation on [email protected] was useful in setting out the thoughts of a selection of the UP community.

This was followed up with a more structured online consultation process where staff and students were invited to complete a survey. For more detail see Online Survey A New Anti-Discrimination Policy

The above processes will be followed up with a week (28 August to 1 September) of anti-discrimination activities, the high-point of which is a campus-wide consultation (31 August) where participants will discuss the salient features of a new policy framework to counter discrimination.

Published by Buyi Nkonyane

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