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'Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much'
— Helen Keller

Welcome to TuksRowing

The TuksRowing Club celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013. This club is one of the fastest growing Sports clubs and has been very successful in a short space of time.

We welcome both novice students and experienced rowers. We pride ourselves on our dominance of all races that we compete in.


The sprint season involves 2000m sprint (Olympic distance) races in all boat classes. It starts in January and ends in May with the South African Championships. The Boatrace season (in which only Universities take place) is from May to September. This is training for a single event, the universities boatrace that is a 4.2 km race for women and a 6.2 km race for men in coxed eight boats. It takes place in Port Alfred in early September.

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