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Future Africa

The University of Pretoria’s new Future Africa campus will be the place where Africa’s leading scientists and scholars from across the world and from a broad range of disciplines will come together to leverage the benefits of transdisciplinary research to address the grand challenges that face Africa and the world.

The Future Africa campus will provide a dynamic living, learning and research environment where a community of scholars and other societal role players will engage to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact.

Future Africa will host a community of fellows and will attract local, African and international scholars, representing a range of disciplines. It will also be home to a number of postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral and research fellows.

Future Africa will support innovative, frontier research projects from conceptualisation to execution.The ultimate aim is to have a dynamic programme on the new frontiers of research, with a special focus on adaptability, resilience and co-design of systems for sustainable and equitable development in Africa.

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